Volusia Virtual School is taking the next evolutionary step in the age of digital curriculum by offering high quality virtual instruction. A virtual environment can meet the needs of students who learn more productively in their own time, in their own space.  To better meet students’ needs, VVS offers the option of flexibility.  Although VVS classes are included in a student’s regularly scheduled school day, students can work online anytime, anyplace.

Virtual classes provide students with the 21st century experience of online learning.  Virtual courses assist students in developing skills such as use of various technologies, time management, self-discipline, and problem solving.

Volusia Virtual School is a Volusia County School that expands the variety of opportunities for Volusia County students.  No tuition is necessary since Volusia Virtual School is a public school.  Volusia Virtual School offers part-time enrollment for grades 9 – 12 and full-time enrollment for grades K – 12.

Our teachers are all highly qualified, certified Volusia County School teachers.  All course offerings align to the state and district standards ensuring quality and rigor. In addition, as a Volusia County School, VVS is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).


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